By | July 6, 2005

Bloody work!

I’m shattered. I sat down on Monday with a carefully prioritised list of 5 tasks for this week. By ten o’clock it had grown to twelve tasks, and the priorities had gone out of the window. The MD had snapped his fingers and all the managers we metaphorically sat like attentive puppies next to a puddle on the parquet floor, all hoping that the other would get blamed for the mess. And guess who had to mop up? Good old Alex.

What, I hear you ask, has this got to do with sex. Everything. I’m mentally and physically exhausted. It was all I could do last night to bang Suze three times. It was enjoyable, yes, but I was spent at the end and I should have been joyous and full of kinky ideas for tonight’s activities. But I wasn’t.

This morning I woke, managed to keep thoughts of work out of my mind and made love to Suze before we set off for work, which was great. As soon as I let work intrude on my consciousness I was pissed off again.

End of rant.

When I’m pissed off I’ve discovered that my imagination switches off. For a randy couple like Suze and myself this is a real problem. We enjoy any sort of sex, but we love to try new things, talk about new things, experience pretty much anything. But if my imagination has been beaten into submission by work and Suze is upset ‘cos I’m upset, that annoys me as neither of us can shake off the black cloud. Suze usually comes up with some pretty hot ideas, but I’m so ticked-off and she’s so affected by it, this is not happening either.

Soooooo, what now? Deep breaths, and begin.

Wet T-shirts, don’t you just love ’em? Suze has a cracking pair of breasts, see photographic evidence in her area. And I do love them under wet cotton. Especially if the water’s cold as this has a very beneficial effect on nipple hardness. So why don’t I have any pictures of Suze’ gorgeous puppies in that state?

I don’t know. So I promise, the next opportunity we get, that’s what we’ll do.

And for the ladies, do you feel the same about wet swimwear that clings to a guy’s bits? I have a pair of light green boxer style swimming shorts which I discovered, after I had swum in them and much to Suze’s delight, become translucent when wet. I’ll do a photo …

Well, I’m feeling a little better now. Writing about tits has been cathartic.

I think normal service will be resumed tomorrow as things got a bit better today at work. Suze bought some Primula cheese spread today and has told me she’ll not be eating it on a cracker. I’ll let you know what we get up to.