Giving Her Your Organ

By | January 15, 2010

Stuck on what to give your loved one this year?  With Valentines Day on the horizon we are all wracking our brains trying to find the little something which will express how much you love your partner without being predictable.

You want to give something thoughtful, individual which expresses your love for them.  Well, I just found the prefect gift and you can bet that your friends won’t be receiving exactly the same gift on Valentines Day.

How about giving them your heart, not your real one but a representation of the real thing.  To be precise, a plush anatomically correct heart and it even has a face.  Lol

You think I’m joking don’t you?

I’m not.  Check out this site and place your order.  I’m also considering purchasing the prostate gland, he looks so cute.