By | January 15, 2010

I consider myself to be fairly well educated in sex and sexuality, I think the commonly used terminology for this is “sexpert” but I’ve never come across trisexual.

Well according to Alex Reid who is currently participating in the annual pantomime which is Celebrity Big Brother believes he is a trisexual guy.  I’m not sure that this is indicative of his overall frame of mind, as you may know he has been involved with an on/off relationship with Katie Price aka Jordan.

Now we know he likes a bit of cross dressing but that would make him a transvestite wouldn’t it?  His admission hasn’t gone down very well with his fellow housemates, in particular Vinnie Jones who said “No-one would want to be in a movie with you at the moment – no-one would want to be associated with you. If you offered me five million dollars to be in a movie with you, I wouldn’t take it.”

Tell it how it is Vinnie, don’t hold back.  Lol