Suze Needs So Much Cock

By | January 15, 2010

Romeo Lombardi PlateI’m sure most of you know by now that I have a wickedly dirty sense of humour. My ex-colleagues Busty and Horny at work couldn’t keep up with me sometimes. Lol I’d try to bring the subject of the conversation round to sex and sexuality when ever I can. Well, it makes for a more interesting day at work doesn’t it. 😉

I have also at times come very close to giving myself away, proffering advice on adult products is dangerous. Especially when you are asked where they should purchase said product from. I would love to advise them to visit one of our sponsors but it would be like leaving a breadcrumb trail back to here.

One thing I don’t want to do is reveal my other life.

Lacking in subject matter to write about I decided to key naughty words in to google and see what it brought up for me. It’s a favourite of mine and can quite often lead to some interesting article subjects.

And tonight it brought up a site that makes that lovely plate at the top of this post. The artist is Romeo Lombardi, an Italian with a naughty sense of humour. Check out his work, it could be fun keeping the dust from settling on it. 😉