After Show Partying

By | October 13, 2007

After eating the delicious Italian cuisine at the little café not far from the Adults Only Show (catch up by reading this post) we made our way down the street in search of an off-licence.  As luck would have it only a few metres down the road there was a Sainsburys Express store, we purchased a couple of bottles of red and then turned on our heels and headed for our hotel.

Once the brushed steel lift doors had closed I threw my arms around Alex and we kissed deeply and passionately.  I’ve always wanted to shag in a lift but most have cameras mounted in them and I didn’t fancy having the clip posted on YouTube.  🙂

The lift soared to the 18th floor and the doors opened.  We made our way to the room and inserted the keycard in the lock.  I reached for the first of the light switches and turned on the lights at the side of the bed.  Perfect.  The curtains were still open and the cityscape clearly visible through the floor to ceiling wall of glass separating us from inner city Birmingham.

Alex pulled the cork on the complementary ½ bottle of red to start off the evening and poured us both a glass.  I took a sip and then slid out of my t-shirt and jeans, leaving my white lace bra and panties on.  You never know who may be looking through the window.  😉  After all the hotel was surrounded by high rise residential accommodation, although they were a few hundred yards away over the traffic island.  But still…

I gave this some thought for just a moment and thrilled slightly at the prospect of being watched from behind a closed pair of curtains by some horny guy.  😉  Just the thought of having a voyeur focus their attention on both of us made me tingle slightly.  I love the element of danger, just like fucking in the open with the possibility of someone happening upon you.  Naughty but arousing.

I settled down on top of the rich red cover adorning the bed.  Alex joined me after slipping out of his cargo pants and t-shirt.  He was now lying next to me wearing just his boxers and a slight grin.  I reached for my glass and took a large sip of my red wine, then placed the glass on the bedside table.

Alex reached over and traced his finger between my cleavage, then down over my stomach making me twitch as his light fingered touch tickled me.  His finger carried on downwards to the top of my panties where it rested for a moment.  Was he going to place his hand inside my panties?  No, he ran his finger down my inner thigh following the line of my panties…then he pushed his fingers under the gusset and cupped my moist pussy lips.

I turned to him and smiled.  He was now resting on his left arm, facing me.  His fingers ran up and down my slit, spreading the moisture secreted between my puffy lips.  His fingers then homed to my clitoris and he started to roll it under his finger, moving it from side to side.  I moaned and adjusted myself, parting my legs to permit him unrestricted access.

“How naughty do you feel?”, he enquired.

I giggled and replied that I felt “very” naughty.

He took hold of my hand and guided me off the bed towards the window.
“Stand there, now turn around”, he instructed urging me to face the window.
I complied and watched the traffic below as it made its way in to the night.  I quickly studied the tower block opposite, there were several illuminated windows with curtains open.  Could they see me?

I could feel Alex’s hot breath on the back of my neck.  “Take off your panties”, he whispered in my ear and my heart began to beat faster as he ignited the passion in me.  I slid my panties down to my ankles and then stepped out of them kicking them to my right side.  Now I was standing in just my bra, only a couple of feet away from the glazing.

Alex unhooked my bra and my breasts pushed against it, eager to be free.  I loosened it from both shoulders and threw it on to the chair to my right.  I was now totally naked in the window of my dimly lit hotel room.  A pair of boxer shorts flew on to the chair…now Alex was naked too.

I was aroused and breathing fast and shallow as the excitement of the moment took me over.  Hands parted my legs and ran between them, picking up my juices and spreading them over my pussy.  A wet finger moved over my anus and started to run circles around the puckered skin.  Again I could feel hot breath on my neck.

A hand pressed against the middle of my back and gently pushed me forward. I placed my hands on to the cold glass to steady myself.  I rested my head against the glass and watched as the cars passed by below, nonchalantly going about there business.  I felt the warm breath against my butt cheeks, then the warmth of a tongue gently stabbing at my anus.

Alex began to rim me and the window steamed with the vapour of my hot breath as I released a moan.  He was lapping at my anus now and I began to tingle as my flesh broke out in goose bumps.  I could feel my sphincter relax as he pushed his tongue inside my anus.  Wow, it felt good having my ass teased.

He rose to his felt and I felt my lips being parted, this time by his hardon.  He ran it along my puss before impaling me with it.  No gentle entry, he rammed it straight up to the hilt colliding with my cervix and bottoming out.  He then began to fuck me, not slow but fast and furious.  This pushed me towards my first orgasm and I collapsed my shoulders hitting the glass as I came.

He was relentlessly driving in to me from behind, holding my hips and pulling me on to his erection as he fucked.   I came again and Alex roared like an animal, he was close I could feel the change in his penis shape.  Don’t ask me what happens but I know when he is about to shoot his load.  His cock somehow changes shape, I’m not sure if it gets fatter but I can feel the onset of his orgasm.

With one last coming together he shuddered as his ejaculation engulfed him.  I felt him quake and heard his orgasmic Ahhhh,  Ahhhhh’s.  His body flopped over mine as the last drop of cum was milked from his tight balls.  I took his weight and mine on my hands as we stood there for a moment, post coitally coupled.

Moments later his cock became flaccid and slipped out of me and I could feel the trickle of cum down my inner thigh.  “Time to wash”, I suggested not wanting to leave any tell tale marks on the carpet.

If you are reading this and saw a couple fucking in a Birmingham hotel room window, that was us.  😉

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