Office Tease

By | July 8, 2005

I have spent most of my day at work prick teasing the office junior, it relieves the boredom. The only exception to this was the mundane meeting that we had this morning. My god they bore the pants off me, or at least they would if I had been wearing any!

My mind wondered constantly throughout the meeting. When I feel repressed by the trappings of work, my mind turns to dirty, lustful thoughts. My muse during today’s meeting was the new girl in accounts.

Andrea is a very fit brunette, you can tell that she works out, her body is very well toned. Today she was sporting a tight grey knee length skirt and a red cotton blouse which was buttoned low. Which revealed the most fantastic pair of tits. They bobbed about within her black satin plunge bra every time she moved. I’m going to make a good friend of Andrea!

I couldn’t help but slyly ogle her today, my juices were flowing. I imagined crouching under the table and slowly moving my hands up to cup her breasts. Setting them free of their confines, I would suck hard upon each nipple in turn. I wanted to push my face between them, probing with my tongue.

I’m not sure if I gave away my desires for her in some way. She caught me looking at her towards the end of the meeting and rather surprisingly gave me a wide smile. Yes I think we could be very close friends.

Most of the guys in the office probably get stiffies looking at Andrea and I wanted some of that attention. That’s why today I decided to go all out and prick tease. I wore my black wrap around top, it’s great for gaping open when bending forward and a pair of arse hugging Capri pants.

The meeting now complete I returned to my desk, which is next to the office junior’s. Paul is very tasty, he looks a little like a young fit Simon Le-Bon. I noticed him ogling my tits this morning when asking if I wanted a coffee. I responded by leaning forward making my top gape open and passed him my cup. His face was a picture. His mouth was wide open and he made no attempt to cover up the fact that he had been looking down my blouse.

I stared at his groin in a very deliberate way and could see the outline of his cock as it stiffened. He quickly grabbed my cup and exited the room. I wonder if he went to the toilet to jack off, the drinks seemed to take a long time to prepare.

Later in the afternoon, I suggestively rubbed my tits against Paul as he held open the office door. My nipples hardened as I slowly glided them across his outstretched arm. This prick teasing was really quite enjoyable, the crotch of my trousers was moist.

My days at work are getting better … now what shall I wear tomorrow?