Doc Johnson’s UR3 Cock And Anus – Part 2 of 2

By | October 18, 2007

UR3 Cock and AnusThe Doc Johnson’s Cock And Anus presents double the opportunity for enjoyment, whether you’re a man or a couple. As Suze mentioned in the first part of this review the toy was obviously designed with gay men in mind. So when the toy arrived  we decided that to ensure the toy was tested fully it required a man, and as I was the nearest thing to a man Suze had to hand that job fell to me. LOL

There are of course two sides to this toy where a man is concerned. A giver and a receiver so to speak.

I first of all tested the cock. As always, in preparation for any sort of anal play I lubed up, or should I say that Suze lubed me up, far more pleasurable and much less awkward than doing it yourself. The feeling of cool lube being dribbled onto your anus and then gently worked inside by your partner’s finger is something that I do enjoy. When she was satisfied that I was prepared Suze coated the head of the cock with lube (water based BTW and supplied with the Doc Johnson Cock and Anus).

The toy was resting on a towel, on one of our pine chairs. I reached round and guided the cock towards my ass.  Suze meanwhile grabbed my semi-hard cock and began to lick it. The Doc Johnson’s Cock is not totally rigid it has quite a lot of flexibility. This is obviously to make it more comfortable when inserted and along with the UR3 “Real Skin” covering makes for a very realistic toy. The downside was that I had some difficulty inserting the toy.

This wasn’t just the toy’s characteristics of course. I don’t insert things into my own anus on a regular basis and therefore performing the insertion blind is not a skill I have developed. Suze was preoccupied, having moved on from licking to sucking and gently biting my cock. The other obstacle to the insertion was that my anal sphincters are very tight, even when I’m relaxed, again because I’m not used to receiving a cock up there.

When I did managed to slide the head and half the length inside me Suze tilted her head to one side and lowered herself so she could watch while still sucking on my dick. She increased her stimulation of me, obviously excited by seeing me penetrated.

A few stokes, me gently bobbing up and down were enough for me. The overall shape of the cock and the veining on the surface were very stimulating. As anal stimulation can be intense for me even with thin toys, the cock was literally breathtaking.

I raised myself from the cock, and pushed Suze back, turning her round. Her initial disappointment assuaged when she felt me bend her over the bed and the head of my penis nuzzle against her wet swollen pussy lips …

… some time later I returned, at Suze’s insistence to the toy and this time the anus. I have to say that only ever having indulged in anal sex once, very briefly with Suze, and then only entering her a few centimetres, I am no expert on the sensations it causes in the giver. What I can say is that the toy affords the user and their partner a novel experience.

A word of advice before using the toy’s anal opening. Out of the box the “anus” is tight, even thoroughly lubed I found it difficult to insert my penis. The answer is to insert a couple of lubed fingers, twisting and stretching the opening slightly. This and use itself means that the toy we have is now dilated about 6-8mm and easy to use.

Having worked out how to gently widen the opening I put the toy to use.  Height was a problem, our bed is low and initially I though that using it knelt at the edge would be best. My thighs were pressing against the frame which was uncomfortable. However Suze solved this problem with some rolled up bedding to adjust the height of the toy and cushion my thighs. Finally she placed a towel underneath the toy to soak up, er, spillages. The toy was thoroughly lubed with water based lube so things were obviously going to leak out.

I positioned myself “behind” the toy, Suze lay face down on the bed watching, the toy’s cock pointing at her. I held my cock down, pressing my erection against the sphincter. Once pushed past the opening it slid into the textured interior with a satisfying friction. The contours of the inner surface are just enough to give stimulation without feeling as if they’ve been put there deliberately to stimulate.

I slowly slid back and forth, getting a feel for the right position, angling my hips for greatest stimulation, pressing different parts of my penis against the inner walls.

After a few moments I began long slow thrusts, much to Suzes delight and despite the size of the toy the tip of my cock emerged from the opening nearest her, covered in lube.

A number of other things became apparent. Thrusting as I was, the feeling of the “skin” of the toy against my own body was very pleasant. Although not like the real thing exactly it does give you the feeling you’re actually fucking something other than a toy.

The cock bobs as you move inside the toy. Obvious when you think about it, but to see it waving at me while I slid in and out was quite a surprise. As was the feeling of a pair of balls in a tight scrotum pressing against my lower abdomen on my deepest strokes.

Suze really enjoyed the show grinning like a Chesire Cat as my cock appeared and disappeared within the toy. I found that the subtle contouring and yielding construction of the Doc Johnson Cock and Anus meant I wanted to thrust into it and burry myself deep inside it.

When I did cum the weight of the toy helped too. It doesn’t shift around and althought it doesn’t implore you to “fuck me harder” or the like its stability is a real plus.

This is the bit that Suze loved. I felt the tension build and my orgasm hit. Suze yelped with excitement as I squirted cum out through the opening of the toy at the side facing her and on to the towel.

This toy is astonishing. We’ve said it before but it bears repeating. It’s not just a toy for gay men, though I’m certain they’d love it, there are ways people of all sexual orientations can use it. As a couple we certainly enjoyed it. We just have to try the final combination, the F-M-M, or is it F-CA-M action Suze talked about in her review. We may even think of some more uses for it …

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