Fuck My Rubber Dolly

By | January 18, 2010

I just checked out the realdoll.com site to find out how much it would cost to buy a standard doll. You can select body shape, face, nail colour, eye colour or even closed if you prefer, pubic hair colour and shape, hairstyle, eyeliner depth and colour, lip shade and skin tone for a cost of $6499.00.

However you do get the option to upgrade eye colour, to real eyebrows or to a shemale for a little extra. In addition you can upgrade the size of the breasts by one cup size for $750 dollars if you like em big.

In addition to the three pleasure centres. Look at me being all reserved there. Lol You didn’t know that the realdoll is able to withstand 300 degrees heat (I’m not sure why you should try to cook her), stain resistant (a must) and elastic, the flesh can withstand 300% elongation.

Which brings me to my next point, what do you do when she tears? Because you know that wear and tear is going to cause problems with her entry points. And just like the real thing her boobs are going to loose their shape due to man handling. I’m not speaking about mine of course. 🙂

Well along comes the real doll repairman. I already know about the dolls hospital but I never heard of this guy. If you have been a little vigorous or heavy handed he can carry silicone repairs. I’m not sure if he takes care of people too but he seems to be able to mend just about anything.

I wonder what his mailman thinks…