The Far From Anonymous Porn Star

By | January 18, 2010

I was reading a tech blog today by one of the BBC’s correspondents in Silicon Valley. She was interviewing Ron Jeremy and claimed not to know who he was. She was apparently amazed by the crowds of people approaching him at the CES in Vegas to shake his hand and express their admiration of his work while she, apparently oblivious to his legendary status, tried to Interview him about his views on the net and pornography.

Either this woman has lived in a bubble for the whole of her life or she is feigning ignorance of one of the best known faces of the 20th and 21st century.  Ron Jeremy’s face is instantly recognisable. This is in part due to his 2000+ film credits and numerous TV appearances but also his non-stop promotion.

Ron Jeremy jets around the world to ensure his face is seen at every adult event possible.

When in Berlin last year we saw him at breakfast in the hotel and I got an excited text from one of our clients telling me to hurry back to their stand because RJ had just appeared. So how does someone live during the last 30 years and not know who the hedgehog is?

Well, it got Ron some more coverage and that’s what he thrives on.