Devinn Lane’s Nipple Arousers

By | October 21, 2007

My nipples are very sensitive to the touch and as a result I get a lot of pleasure from them being licked, sucked, tweaked and the odd ice cube rolled over them.  Yum!   So I decided that I would like to try some kink of the nipple toy variety.

The problem was that I wanted stimulation but not discomfort and I wondered if these waterproof wireless nipple arousers would be a bit too extreme for me, perhaps venturing a little too far in to the BDSM area with nipple play.  I didn’t realise just how wrong I could be!  Lol

I must also admit that when I requested this sex toy for review I was slightly concerned that they would be really heavy and stretch my nipple and boobs like stretch Armstrong.   This proved not to be the case, each little self contained clamp was incredibly light, weighing just 28 grams.

They are adjustable, applying just the right amount of pressure to pleasure and with their jelly coated pads very gentle.  Alex was tasked with the job of sizing up my nipples for the nipple teasers, he loved doing things like that and with a few winds of the screw he had them just right.  Firm grip as not to fall off and just enough pressure to encourage my nipple to harden immediately inside them.

He clamped them lovingly on to each nipple in turn as I sat on the edge of the bed naked.  Then he placed a kiss on each nipple and made his way to his side of the bed.  The with a press of the button he made some MFF action appear on the television screen.  I reclined on to the bed allowing the clamps to dangle from each nipple, this added to the sensation of gentle tugging on each.

My nipples were now as hard as bullets with two pink pleasure bullets hanging from both.  These arousers are self contained, no wires.  They are controlled by four LR44 batteries that fit inside the screw-up base, which also acts as the on/off variable control for each.  Making them easy to operate and totally waterproof.

Alex reached over and turned the vibe on my left nipple,  He then moved back and did the same with the right one.  The vibration was strong, powerful and totally addictive.  I lay back on the bed with the clamps resting on my boobs.

My naughty companion slipped off his robe and reclined on to one elbow just watching as I shuffled around and moaned my delight.  These clamps were sensational!  Not enough attention is given to the breasts by sex toys and this one certainly hits the mark.

As my nipples resonated with the mechanical vibrations radiated outwards like the ripples from a trout breaking the water’s tension Alex traced his finger over my breast.  This added to the stimulation my nipple, areola and breast were already enjoying.  😉

He glided his finger slowly and gently over my breast and as he reached my outer areola, even with my eyes shut I could feel the intensity of the vibrations.  Then he moved in closer to my swollen pink button and I now felt my clit become fired.  It was almost as if he was earthing my breasts, that is the best way I can describe the feeling. I’m sure there’s a specific term for this effect in the physics of harmonics, but Wikipedia wouldn’t offer up the answer.

My clit was now vibrating in time with my nipples and swelling between my legs.  Alex traced his finger slowly across my areola towards my pinched nipple.  He placed the gentlest of touches to the very tip and I nearly came there and then.  It seemed to focus every watt of power in to the very apex of my nipple, which then travelled down between my legs making my clit vibrate and my pussy swell.  I was so wet and I hadn’t even touched down there.  These things were good.  😉

He now had both of my nipples “earthed” and I was so close to coming without penetration.  I had been so focused on my own enjoyment that I hadn’t paid any attention to Alex’s arousal.  I took a look between his legs and he was swinging there hard and proud.  Not wanting to miss out on the moment I climbed on to all fours and pointed my ass up at him.

And he reciprocated, pushing his hard cock inside my well lubed pussy.  The arousers were hanging beneath me for dear life and the pull on my nipple added to the pleasure and the tingling which had already enraptured me.  I just needed to be fucked…and hard.  Alex took care of that, he must have been ready just like me.  😉