Another Anal Adventure

By | October 22, 2007

Suze, AlexSuze.comIf someone would have put it to me a year ago that I would be allowing a guy to fuck my arse, I would have said no way.  But for the first time Alex entered my sphincter the other day and then there is this evening.

I trust this man implicitly, which is probably why I let him gently fuck my ass last week.  It felt good and I was so turned on that I felt like doing anything for the pleasure trip.  Have you ever felt so turned on that you would do almost anything for the pure sexual sensation of it all?

Tonight, after trying out the nipple clips and coming like a bitch on heat we settled down to watch some porn and then the next thing we were all over each other.  Alex was as hard as a rock and I was so wet that my thighs glistened.  As he rolled me on to my back I felt the wetness between my legs, it had spread down my thighs and butt cheeks.

It was almost as if I had wet myself, I hadn’t of course.  😉  He climbed over my right leg and took my left up towards his shoulder.  I was now laid on my right side with Alex holding my left leg in the air.  He moved towards me and pushed his hard cock inside me.  It entered me with ease I was so wet.

“Fuck, you are wet through”, he exclaimed withdrawing and wiping the surplus cum on to a pieced of toilet tissue.  He re-entered me and began to fuck me slow and deliberately.  I was so wet that again he had to withdraw and wipe his hard cock.

When he moved towards me to enter my pussy again, I pointed him at my slightly gapping ass at him.  “Are you sure?”, he asked with concern.  I love that about him, he never assumes and is so considerate.  “Yes”, I replied reaching round and parting my butt cheeks for his ease of access.

I felt his cock push against my asshole and then pop as it worked it’s way inside my anus.  It felt good, warm and comforting but at the same time I was aware that my ass was being stretched by a hard cock.  He pushed in as deep as he dare go and began to slowly move in and out of my colon.  It felt good but at the same time there was a slight discomfort, after all my ass is not used to having something go up it, let alone a hardon.  😉

It felt kind of strange, good but slightly bad because I was aware that my ass was being penetrated by a hard cock.  I also felt naughty as this is slightly taboo in some countries, I felt a little rebellious and dirty.  Alex slowly and considerately moved in and out of me and from the feedback I could hear seemed to be getting off on the whole thing.

This made me even more randy and I began to ask him to fuck my ass!  Are you sure he replied and despite the encouragement he received from me he still took it easy although started to relax in to it more. He ensured I was well lubed. There was an air of tension, neither of us wanted to push it to the point where it may cause discomfort but we were so totally turned on by this first time experience.

After all, the last time Alex entered my ass he only thrust a few times and then withdrew on my advice.  This time it felt different but we were still erring on the side of caution.  I’m sure he would have liked nothing better than to pummel my ass until he shot his load in there.  He was being considerate.

Alex knew just how much he wanted to give me a good fucking up there…he withdrew his cock and I could feel him wanking away at it like a virgin behind me as I rested on all fours.  He was wanking to the point of no return and I could hear him reaching his pre Nirvana behind me.

Then I felt him push back in to me as my sphincters let go again to permit him access to the very intimate heart of me.  He moved slowly in and out of me and with a loud vocal release he came inside my ass.  Once he had evacuated the cum from his tight balls he flopped across my back with a load groan and lay there in silence for a minute regaining his composure.  I had almost come but not quite.  I have to admit there is no way that you can come or should I say, I can come by being fucked up the ass it doesn’t touch my g-spot or anything else which brings me off but it was a most enjoyable experience to witness my partner cum up there.

I may have to try this with a vibe up my pussy next time.  😉
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