Massage With Dirty Extras

By | January 21, 2010

I’ve always wanted to have the kind of disposable income which allows you to be able to visit a health farm and be pampered but I’m not quite there yet. I have heard from friends who have done the girly weekend or pre wedding visit that it is great and there is an extensive list of beauty therapies and programs you can indulge yourself with.

The one my friends have visited and I’m familiar with over here in the UK is Ragdale Hall in Leicestershire which costs £200 per day. And I think I know why they enjoyed their visits now. One of the masseurs there, Batini Mopafu an asylum seeker has been giving them a little bit more than a rub down.

He is in the papers today after appearing in court for indecently assaulting 4 women including one incident when he put his hands between a woman’s legs and grabbed her breasts saying “You love being touched. I can see it on your face”.

I hope they throw the book at him and would like to know why a reputable establishment like Ragdale Hall has employed someone they obviously have no background on to work for them.