Woo Hoo Lets Party!

By | August 31, 2006

Parting words, “There’s plenty to eat in the freezer.  See you in a fortnight.  Oh, and Suze be good”.  Of course I will, hehehe.  Those were the last words from my parents as they left the house for their holiday in Cancun.

Fourteen days of being on my own in the house.  Whoopee fucking do!  Of course Suze will be a good girl.  “I’ll be the perfect party host!”  😀  Not only had they left enough supplies to last me for at least 10 days but also a hand full of cash, should I need anything.  The amount I don’t remember but at that time, it was a lot of money.

I would have been about seventeen and a half and left to fend for myself and look after the house for the first time.  My parents must have suspected that little old me would not quite be an angel whilst they were gone.

The first phone call I made was to my boyfriend Scott at the time.  Followed closely by my closest girl friend Liz, whom I have spoken about on this blog before.  She was a lesbian and fancied the pants off me.  Which was fine as I liked her too.  😉

I cooked them both lunch out of the freezer (I didn’t want to spend any of that cash on food now, did I?) and we opened a bottle of white wine (my palate hadn’t developed to the finer tastes of a good red at that time.  LOL).  I would replace the wine before my parents got back, so not a problem.

We had a great afternoon of fooling around.  Playing records which my parents didn’t like and turning up the volume on the stereo to “11”.  LOL.  My parents didn’t speak much to the neighbours anyway so fuck em!  They were hardly going to report back to my parents, were they. 

My parents hadn’t even been gone a day and there we were wondering who to invite to the party.  It just had to be done, I never had parties at home for obvious reasons.  Well not since I was ten, when we politely had cheese and pineapple on sticks and party sausages.  This was going to be a different party all together.  With booze, loud music and lots of fun!

Liz volunteered herself to making the invitation phone calls.  I was rather naive in thinking that I could restrict the party to just invited friends and acquaintances.  How wrong was I, but I didn’t find out until much later.  She must have extended an invitation to about ten good friends, which seemed to be to be a nice controllable number.  After all I didn’t want the place trashing or to wake up and find half of the furniture and ornaments gone.  😀

We did the sensible thing and boxed up the most delicate or “eye catching” items in the house and took a chance on the rest.  Scott then climbed in to the attic and secreted the items away for safekeeping.  You’ve all seen Risky Business, right?

Scott was a little older than both Liz and myself and offered to go and get the booze in his car, so we both went along with him to choose and of course for me to pay out of my supplies money.  I had a vodka thing going on at the time, so we bought a couple of bottles (this could have been because it is not very strong on your breath.  Remember in the UK it is illegal to consume alcohol in a public house until you are 18.) So it was the booze of choice to avoid parental detection.  LOL.  Not sure what else we bought but I spent the majority of the money on making sure we all had a good time.

The guests began to arrive and Liz and myself made sure they got a drink and added their bottles to the kitchen table.  We were getting together quite a bar and I had dug out a few snacks to soak up some of the alcohol.  Every thing was going fine but as the night progressed I was sure that there were faces at the party I had never seen before.  Liz confirmed this, some of the people invited had brought friends.  Not a problem as long as they brought drinks I thought.

It was difficult to contain the party and there were people outside sitting on the back garden chatting and some had gone on to the front.  Shit! Alarm bells rang.  I didn’t want to attract attention to the house by having drunken teenagers all over the driveway.  I ran outside and mustered them in.  The neighbours on the other side did talk to my parents but were elderly and hard of hearing, so I hoped they wouldn’t notice anything unusual going on next door.

It’s strange how you don’t notice pissednessâ„¢ creeping up on you.  I thought I had been very careful to stay reasonably sober so that I could oversee the party.  But no, I was as pissed as my guests.  That would explain why I tried to get my best friend Liz off with a guy called Andrew.  I told him she had a crush on him and to wait in my bedroom whilst I send her up to him.

This was a very bad idea.  She ran downstairs crying and I felt really, really bad.  I managed to calm her down and she told me that he had tried to put his hands inside her pants.  She was annoyed at me but forgave me and Andrew for his vain attempt at chatting her up.  Not quite the technique I would have used Andrew.  Liz saw the funny side and laughed about it later.

Everyone managed to keep their clothes on, partly due to me and Liz patrolling the bedrooms for most of the evening until our legs would not carry us upstairs anymore.  By which time we most of our friends and gatecrashers had left.

I recall climbing up the stairs on all fours when everyone except Liz and Scott had gone.  Liz slept in my bed and I climbed in to my parent’s bed.  It would have bothered me to do that under normal circumstances but I was a little worse for wear and my conscience was inebriated too. 

Up until this point Scott and I had not slept together or indulged in sex at all.  But that night it felt right to let him slide in to bed next to me just to hold me.  He had his boxer’s on and I had my bra and pants on.  I remember drifting on the edge of sleep and consciousness when I felt his hand wrap around me and his fingertips slip under the elastic of my panties.

I felt comfortable with his advance and pretended to be asleep.  He pushed his hand further inside my panties.  I stayed perfectly still not sure if I should release my vocal encouragement or remain silent.  As if by doing so I excused myself from the burden of consent.

His fingers advanced towards my lips, which were moist from anticipation.  I could feel his warm breath on my neck as he pushed his body against mine.  He cheekily pushed his groin in to my buttocks and I could feel his erection sticking in to my butt cheek.  His finger parted my lips so gently and he glided his fingers along my slit lubing me as he went.

A moan escaped my lips as he pushed his finger inside me and I pushed against him for maximum penetration.  He was rather clumsy and fumbly but he did bring me to orgasm in bed that night.  It was his first time and he savoured the tasty fluid coating his fingers after I came.  That was such a turn on to watch but I wasn’t quite ready to take it to the next level yet…