Cold, Hard, Sensual

By | January 21, 2010

Sue LloydI bought myself the Ipcress File on DVD, a little treat. Digitally re-mastered, two disk with special bonus features … and unlikely ever to be watched by Suze. Not her thing I’m afraid, cold war era drama, 1960s filming, low budget and totally unappealing to her. I think it’s a classic and she thinks it’s pants.

So I took it to work and I’ve watched about half of it over the last couple of lunches. For those of you who have seen the film I’m at the omelette scene where Sue Lloyd has broken into Michael Caine’s flat and he ends up making her an omelette which she passes up for a shag. The whole scene is meant to be sexually charged and while it’s a little clumsy in places by today’s standards it is still pretty raunchy. There are no naked bodies, no carefully filmed love scenes (up to this point anyway as I can’t remember what comes next – that’s tomorrow lunch). No, there’s a few shots of her very nice legs, a provocative moment where Harry Palmer, standing, opens his jacket in front of a seated Jean Courtney, his crotch dangerously close to her face and a little suggestive gun play.

The film is only a PG, I was amazed but it’s years since I’ve seen it and what was once a relatively violent and intense film seems a little more tame now I suppose.

Either way it proved that you don’t have to be explicit to be sexy. It also made me think how hot Sue Lloyd is in it, some of today’s “sexy” stars could take note.