What Lies Beneath

By | October 25, 2007

I often find that I make judgements, not in a nasty way, about people and then have to adjust them at a later date. One such incidence is the impressions I had formed about my work colleagues. It seems that day by day I am chipping through the prim and proper exterior of these girls and finding the naughtiness hidden inside like a gooey chocolate fondant centre.

I’m finding I have more in common with them than I initially thought. But I suppose we do not reveal our true selves to the people we work with in the early days. It’s like peeling away the skin of an onion, slowly layer by layer we give a little more of our private self away.

Today was no exception for the hot blonde with the ample chest who sits to the side of me. We were discussing relationships with our significant others and she in a moment of spontaneity, because lets face it she didn’t quite know how we may react, revealed that she had dressed up last night for her chap. “I don’t know if I should be telling you this”, she added which fired our interest even more.

“A little bit of role play”, she added. The other girl said she had taken part in role play but it was best done when “slightly tiddly poo”. To the rest of you out there who haven’t a clue what I am talking about, she meant slightly drunk. Lol

She went on to reveal that he had liked the idea of her wearing a suit. We sat eyes fixed on her as she disclosed more. I also found my glasses and put them on and…

We sat eagerly hanging on her every word.

She added, “I found the holdups I bought some time ago”. “Really!”, I added spurring her on with a smile. “Yes they are fishnets”, she went on. I was totally taken back and then she added that they hadn’t stayed on for long.

I was still running the thoughts of this gorgeous, voluptuous girl wearing such a hot outfit when the other girl offered ” I once had sex with my high heels on and I woke up in bed with them on the next morning”. Well we all broke out in laughter.

At this point I got a little carried away and divulged that Alex had a fuck suit which we occasionally bring out of the cupboard. Immediately I let it slip I had one of those “Oh no!” moments. For a moment which seemed like an eternity as it always does when you know you have dropped a bollock. Then she came back with “Lovely, what a naughty idea”.

It’s so easy to just let things slip, I’m going to have to be careful especially now I feel so at ease with my work mates. I don’t think they are quite ready for the full story about Suze just yet. 😉

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