Overused Superlative

By | October 26, 2007

AlexSuze.comThere is one superlative that is overused in this country particularly by the tabloid press. The red-tops love it and because of their continuous exploitation of the word they have reduced it to a pallid meaningless collection of syllables. If it weren’t another example of the English language being devalued it would be funny to see it used, inaccurately, by newspapers when competing for readers.

The word is exclusive. You can’t have exclusive access to a celebrity when they’re giving interviews to multiple publications about the same details of their latest personal crisis (yawn). The whole point about being exclusive is just that, according to my dictionary; Excluding all other … not available or published elsewhere.

So I don’t use the word lightly when I say that tomorrow we will have an exclusive here on AlexSuze.

And you wouldn’t want me to spoil the surprise by telling you what it is now would you? 😛