Continuous Sex, Keep It Cumming

By | January 24, 2010

We were a bit nervous yesterday as we were having the server on which Adult Blog Hub runs upgraded. Everything seems OK thankfully, ABH and Sex-Press sites stayed up, phew!

If you don’t know about Adult Blog Hub it’s a sex blog directory that allows user to register links o their own sites and individual posts. All that’s required in return is a link back to ABH. There’s also a Toplist which counts the number of visitors from each site, ranking the user’s sites on this and Sex-Press which is a listings site driven by RSS feeds on blogs.

Of course it’s sex blogs only, there are plenty of directories for other types of blog and they don’t generally accept blogs with adult content.

If you’re looking for adult content then pop across to Adult Blog Hub and Sex-Press, and if you have a blog they why not register yourself?