Office Quickie

By | November 2, 2007

Suze, AlexSuze.comShe pulled up a chair and sat next to me, her perfume an unfamiliar one, subtle, understated and all the more arousing for it.

We talked, professionally, businesslike. Exchanging papers, exchanging glances intent on the work at hand. I could feel the heat of her skin she was so close. And when she leant across to reach for a pen the intensity of her proximity burnt into me. I held my breath, her face was close to mine. Should I? No this was work, in the office, not the place.

After a while the work was done, papers shuffled away into anonymous files. We exchanged small talk and a shared sense of relief at a job finally done. I crack a joke, she laughs, a mischievous laugh. She says she must go and reached for the files as I do too.

Our hands met, the slightest of contacts. We stop.

Our eyes met, the deepest of meanings, we both looked at the office door.

I walked, slowly to the door, lock it and returned.

The look was enough.

She slipped off her jacket and laid it on the chair. My tie is undone, shirt discarded. Her blouse falls away. She reaches for my belt dispenses with it.

I grab her, pull her to my naked chest. Her red her is falling free now, over her shoulders. Her blue eyes pleading with me to dispense the throbbing passion in my groin.

I pulled up her skirt, over her hips, feeling the stockings and bare flesh above. She released my cock from my trousers. I lift her from the floor and onto the desk, smelling the damp crotch of her red silk panties. My cock rests for a moment across the fabric and I rock back and forth, rubbing my frenulum, my own pre cum clear and copious.

She pulls aside her bra cups and beckons me with twin soft mounds of delightfully tempting flesh. I lean forward and suck atop each one, hard enough to make her squeal and the staff outside the office wonder what they heard over the sound of the photocopier outside.

Another time I might have lingered, teased her, sucked her reddening nipples until they were sore and she screamed for mercy, but there wasn’t time. And she needed something else.

My hand pulled her panties to the side and let my cock part her bulging red lips. In ball deep at the first stroke. Her stocking-clag legs raised either side of me I drive into her, releasing the feelings that had bubble under the surface for so many months, until today.

The office smelled of sex, our sex, our passion, the delicious lubrication that we both share.

Caution is gone, we cry out. We’re there, cumming, while I pummel her pussy on the leather topped desk. One, two, three, four strokes, the orgasm takes. Each stroke more intense than the last until with my cock’s sensitivity forces me to withdraw and fall back into my chair.

She is still cumming, moaning quietly now, her hand gently rubbing her clit. I close my eyes.

A minute later I feel her working on my softening cock, licking the shaft, teasing the sensitive glans, sucking the remaining semen from me. While her pussy drips onto the carpet.

There are footsteps outside. KNOCK, KNOCK!

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