Bang Bang, You’re Spread

By | November 3, 2007

AlexSuze.comFriday evenings we have dinner, clean up the pots, take a shower and retire to the bedroom. After a weeks work it’s nice to grab a bottle of red and disappear off upstairs. We both threw off our clothes and jumped in to bed stark bollock naked, well he was. Lol

We both tuned in to watch Katie Price aka Jordan and Peter Andres’s new show and to veg out a little. A couple of glasses into the old red we were both feeling a little more relaxed. Once the cat had got up off my boobs we snuggled up together for a cuddle and a kiss. Oh, and a grope. đŸ˜‰ My dirty guy was already sporting a semi.

A couple more glasses of wine later and I was now gently stroking his cock as it rested against his belly, it began strain to be upright bouncing under my hand with each stroke. Alex was totally relaxed, his left arm under my neck and his other outstretched across the bed.

The show was entertaining and in parts quite funny, something I didn’t expect. đŸ™‚ But my need to be fucked took over as it always does. I ran my palm gently over his swollen glans and felt his pre cum as it cooled on my skin. He was ready too.

Whilst laying on my back I took a firm grip of his erection in my right hand and placed my left between my open thighs eager to feel if I was wet too. My hand went in to auto pilot and began to pull back his pink foreskin. Applying a steady pressure to his shaft I drew back the skin and then slowly brought it back up covering his blushing shiny helmet.

My fingers had now found their place between my engorged labia, my clit was swollen too, aroused and sensitive to my own touch. I was wet, basted with my own viscous fluid. I moved my clit from side to side with my middle finger, a move which always works. I sighed…it felt so good. Alex moaned and I began to increase the intensity of my stroke, grasping him more firmly. He began to buck his hips meeting my down stroke with perfect timing.

Looking over and watching him, eyes closed mouth slightly open added to my pleasure and increased my desire. My clit was now firm and in tune with my digital stimulation. I moved my finger up and down it’s fleshy sheath. Pulses of electricity travelled through my neural pathways to my lower spine, through my pelvis and in to my legs. I crossed my ankles and squeezed my buttocks together. Doing this intensifies and focus the sensations enrapturing my lower body.

“Suze, I’m almost there…stop or I’ll come!”, demanded Alex. I loosened my grip on his cock and began to concentrate on my own ensuing orgasm. My eyes were now firmly closed and I could feel Alex’s breath against my right cheek. Then on my naked breast. A warm wet mouth enclose my erect nipple. “Ouch!”, I cried out as he took my nipple between his teeth and bit in to my brownish pink bud. I was balancing on the pleasure/pain threshold.

He began to swirl his tongue around my areola. I love this and started to massage my clit with intent. I placed my right foot on top of my left and pushed against it, at the same time pulling my buttocks tight. Fuck this felt good. I changed my stroke again, rubbing my clit from side to side and SHIT…that did it. My body began to convulse and buck as the most intense orgasm rose deep within my lower back and between my legs.

I was aware of Alex sucking hard on my nipple which added to the pleasure as I tingled all the way down my legs, arched my back and came all over my fingers. My own juice were now running down my pussy towards my ass in a slow trickle. I lowered my back on the mattress and Alex placed another tender kiss on my cheek.

“Suze get up on you knees I want to fuck you”, encouraged Alex, urgency in his tone. I opened my eyes and couldn’t help but notice his erection pointing out in front of him, beconing me towards it. He moved down the bed as I assumed the position before him. I gathered his pillows under me and pointed my ass upwards, facilitating his access to my more than ready pussy. I could smell myself in the air.

He shuffled up the bed to meet me and ran his fingers between my lips, ensuring that I was well lubed and ready to receive him. It feels good when he does this, makes me feel dirty. I felt his hardness push against my labia, he moved his cock from side to side, working his way towards my opening. Then in he pushed. I stretched to accommodate his girth, he was big. đŸ˜‰

Inwards he pushed until he bottomed out on my cervix. I adjusted my hip tilt for maximum penetration and g-spot stimulation. He began to withdraw from me, slowly, deliberately and then pushed firmly back in to me until his hips were against my buttock. Then he began to move in and out of my cunt with slow deep thrusts.

“Ooooh! Just there I called out”. “Like this?” he enquired as he slammed against me teasing..then again and again. Jesus he was driving in to me like a man possessed, the penetration coupled with the stimulation of my g-spot brought me quickly to orgasm. He was now sloshing in and out of me, my cum now freely running down my thighs.

“You are a dirty bitch”, he offered as he began to fuck me like a dog on heat. My right knee began to twinge with the impact and movement. As much as I love this position it plays havoc with my knees but I just can’t resist a good doggy style fuck, perfect angle, penetration and g-spot stimulation…nothing better. đŸ˜‰

I pushed my head in to the pillows to cry out as another orgasm built. This fuelled Alex and he was now fucking me from behind so hard that I was moving up the bed. Then BANG! My head hit the headboard. Alex didn’t even notice he was fucking me so vigorously.

He was now climbing up my back, almost trying to climb inside me. Grunting and pounding me. I pushed back against him, providing some much needed space between my head and the headboard. With a couple of guttural grunts and clashing of groin against buttock he released his warm seed in to me, he climbed up my back until his mouth was level with my ear and moaned his exhilaration, almost deafening me.

My arms just couldn’t take the weight anymore and I collapsed down on to the bed, Alex falling on top of me in a heap of sweaty, hot, spent male. The recognition hit as his orgasm waned and he raised himself off me much to my relief. đŸ˜‰

He knelt behind me with his cock still buried inside me as he twitched the last spasms of his all consuming orgasm. Then all was still. Moments later his cock began to retract and ease from between my pussy lips. I looked down between my legs to see a long threadlike string of cum drip on to the bedsheet.

Alex dropped down next to me with a sigh extending his arm to embrace me. I get the wet patch again then…