Fucked So Hard I Can’t Sit Down

By | November 4, 2007

Well almost. *giggles and adjusts seating position* Yours truly had a few too many glasses of wine which led to me being very relaxed, no VERY relaxed. We spent some of the early evening playing a very naughty game which Alex will tell you all about later on A-Rouse.com. 😉 Then we decided to jump in to bed.

One thing led to another and we ended up with me on all fours and Alex pumping in to me. I was turned on that I began to buck back against him until he was really hammering in to me. My hair was hanging down in front of my face and I must have looked like a head banger for more than one reason. 😉

I came and then I came again, my pussy was so wet that Alex slipped out and I collected up some of my fluid and worked it around my anus which was pouting, slightly open. My finger eased inside without any obstruction, my sphincter being relaxed and open. Alex watched from behind as I moved my finger in and out of my ass.

Then I grabbed hold of him. I wanted to feel him inside my ass so much that I took a firm hold of his hard cock and pushed him straight in to me. FUCK! That was ever so slightly painful. I pushed him inside me right up to the hilt, his groin pressing against my buttocks. He immediately knew what I had done and asked if I was OK.

Gently I withdrew my ass off his cock and said “No not really”. Stupid me, too eager and ready to pleasure and I managed to hurt myself. *Tutt, tutt*

This has taught me a valuable lesson about being careful no matter how horny you are. Today my ass feels as if I have been using Fiery Jack on it. Lol And gym has been forgone due to the fact that the thought of having a bicycle seat anywhere near my ass this morning is frightening.

So beware, and lube, lube, lube!

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