Sex Play In Public

By | January 30, 2010

If you read regularly you will have worked out that I have a playful nature and enjoy having fun both in and out of the bedroom.  As they say life is too short not to enjoy it, you don’t get a second chance.

We enjoy playing in public.  I’ve been known to slip off my shoe under the dinner table and caress his crotch with my toes.  He has slipped his hand up my top to caress my breasts when nobody is looking and I’ve grabbed his crotch when he has been kissing me at the supermarket checkout.  We all enjoy a little naughtiness in the great outdoors, it makes daily life a little more kinky.

But I just read about a couple who went a little bit too far in Tescos and got caught.  You would be forgiven for assuming they were young and impetuous but the couple concerned were pensioners.  Lol

Peter Echlin aged 78 and Fay Byrne aged 62, were arrested after a security man spotted the man holding a coat over the woman.  At first staff believed they were shop lifters but the security guy was on the ball and he called the police.

There is a lesson to be learned here.  If you are going to get it on in the supermarket be careful because someone could be watching you.  At least you could end up on YouTube and at worst being dragged off by the local constabulary.  Lol