Ask Alex

By | October 22, 2006

A few days ago I mentioned, jokingly, that I should start an “Ask Alex” column because of the way in which people have a tendency to come to me for advice. Several comments indicated that some of you thought this was a good idea.

So I’ve been thinking about it and have decided to try it.

So if you have any questions, want any advice or have a dilemma, just email them to And I do mean ask any question. I can’t guarantee I’ll answer, there are some things that you can’t know about me and I don’t have the answer to everything. If I believed that I’d need to see a psychiatrist, LOL.

Two things though. I don’t expect this to be 100% serious rather a mix of the real and the silly, so please indicate if it’s a real question or a spoof if there’s a possibility it might be misconstrued. I can be a little dense sometimes. Secondly please indicate if you want to be anonymous when I make my reply, or you’d like a link back to your site. I suppose you could even include an illustrative image too if you like.

Anyway, what you’ll get is my take on things honest and straight-up. Whether you like it or not. 🙂