Spectacular Orgasms

By | November 8, 2007

Sunset, AlexSuze.comThere’s a place that I go every time I have sex with Suze. I can be making love gently and sensually, or I can be fucking her hard and fast. It doesn’t matter, this place appears almost every time.

It’s the same place on each occasion but each time is unique. Like visiting a city at gaps of twenty years, knowing that the landmarks are the same but that its inhabitants have aged a generation and the whole place has moved on.

The place is in my mind and only I can see it. I always thought everyone felt as I do. Apparently not. You see until only a couple of years ago I thought that it was normal to feel in colour, to have the tactile and the visual merge inside my head. Now I know synaesthesia is the exception rather than the rule.

I’ve talked about it before at various points since I realised my perception of sensation is a little different from the majority, so I’ll not rattle on about it again here. I mention it because occasionally, this gift I have and experience all the time to greater or lesser degrees manifests itself vividly and reminds me how lucky I am.

We we’re in bed playing the Monogamy game. One of Suze’s “tasks” was to nibble and lick my ears. It’s something she’s not done for a while and I’d forgotten how much I like it. It sent shivers down my spine which were accompanied by wave after wave of green and black sparks flowing across my skin, down my back and out across to my arms ending up in my finger tips.

Orgasms as you can imagine are accompanied by a similar mix of colours and sensations. When my orgasm is really intense like the one I had last night I tend to melt away into a sea of colour and lose track of the physical world. The shifting hues consume me in a river of sensory overload and I can bask in the orgasm and its slowly ebbing light show for several minutes.

It’s very much how I imagine an acid trip would be, but without the paranoia and the downer afterwards. The only down side is the lingering regret that it doesn’t last longer. I find that I have to be content with letting the experience run its course. Trying to extend it tends to make it dissipate faster. Unlike lucid dreaming, where I can control my dreams with a startling accuracy, these synaesthetic orgasms are outside my control. They are physiological, not psychological.

Yesterday’s über orgasm made me feel like I was melting into Suze as I came. My perception of the physical world distorted to such a degree by the overwhelming richness of a colour cascade that managed to be black, brown and dark red all at the same time. Well as near to black, brown and dark red as anyone not inside my head would understand the colours I saw.

When I have this intensity of sensation I feel like I’m flowing out into my surroundings and lose myself to the moment. No matter how brief these “trips” are they always leave me feeling serene.

I hope that made sense.

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