Fucking Twats

By | January 31, 2010

This is in no way related to sex but I’m so incensed by it that I have to say something.

In the UK the DVLA look after licensing cars and provide the documentation that accompanies a car throughout its life. It’s known colloquially in the UK as the “Log Book”. Apparently they had about 1 million of these printed around a year ago, noticed a fault on them and sent them to be shredded. They never made it to the secure disposal facility.

Sine then the police have had to deal with £13 million of stolen cars which have been sold on using these “missing” documents which the criminals have simply printed the details they required on to them.

The DVLA say they “can’t be held responsible for the “criminal acts” [of the thieves] who are using these documents. How about the utter incompetence of losing 1 million very valuable documents?

Someone’s security is crap and after the problems with another branch of the same institution losing driving licences recently you have to ask if they know what they are doing?