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By | November 8, 2007

Suze, AlexSuzeFollowing on from my post of a couple of days ago I was pondering how easy it now is to video yourself and your partner having sex. At one time it required vastly expensive equipment (relatively) and produced an end result of dubious quality and limited longevity.

Old VHS cameras were never super high quality (unless you spent thousands of pounds on them), they were bulky and the recording medium was prone to being eaten by the player while you relived those hot and steamy moments you thought you’d captured forever.

Now digital recording onto mini DVD or straight to hard disk, with cameras that weigh a few ounces and can record in HD means that the whole process is a breeze. Not to mention the fact that professional standard editing is no longer the excusive realm of the TV channels or enthusiasts with pots of cash to spend on equipment.

YouTube and its more, erm adult derivatives, have given the exhibitionists amongst us an outlet for those videos too. Before online video hosting would you have considered playing back your intimate moments to total strangers, whenever they requested them, 24 hours a day?

I do wonder what proportion of couples have recorded themselves on the job? I wonder how many people have regretted it afterwards, when they realise that their estranged partner has a copy of the potentially embarrassing tape after an acrimonious split?

I’m not talking about celebs here and their “shocking” sex tapes that surface from time to time (usually when they need a publicity boost). I mean real people whose angst following a breakup is compounded by the realisation that their small screen antics could now be transmitted around the globe, or even worse onto the widescreen down the pub.

I suppose it’s always been the way. Just the media has changed. We moved into a flat some years ago and found a wedge of love letters from a previous tenant jammed at the back of a cupboard. They made interesting reading …

Then there were photos, those intimate Polaroids that seemed like such a good idea at the time you were persuaded to pose for them. Video was just an extension of that. The real change is the reach of digital video, its immediacy and therefore increased potential to embarrass us all.

So, have you been party to pornographic Polaroids, or starred in a vicarious video? More importantly do you still have the intimate items in your keeping or have they left with your lover?

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