Anal-ize This

By | January 31, 2010

Some impulses really should be suppressed.

I’m not against a bit of anal exploration, done carefully, with the right sex toy and plenty of lube it can be fun if you’re male or female. There are times when you have to ask “What the hell were they thinking?”

This site was both alarming and amusing, the Impulse deodorant can was probably the most risible.

Now of course some of the images, X-rays and what have you, that you se online are just fake. However some aren’t and the one that I witnessed myself showed the dangers of not selecting your anal toy carefully.

A colleague of mine once prodded me and said “Take a look at this”. He handed me his mobile phone, on it was a picture that that his wife had MMSed him. It was an X-Ray of a guy with a broken vibrator up his ass. She was a radiographer and had snapped the image from her monitor.

Anal sex toys are designed specifically for anal stimulation. Going hard at it with a toy that’s not quite up to the job is just asking for trouble.