Prime Time PVC Perversion

By | February 1, 2010

Blue PVC UniformIf you are a long time reader you will be aware that we are big fans of Harry Hill’s TV Burp. We don’t watch a lot of TV but TV Burp is the perfect vehicle for someone who can take the piss out of anyone without being malicious and make it hilarious. Of course there’s plenty of material to work with and I’m sure there are a lot of very happy researchers on his show who are paid just to watch hundreds of hours of TV each week to spot material for the Saturday show. Nice work if you can get it.

Occasionally some of his jokes are gently rude, but it’s a family show and for the most part nobody could be offended by it. However it’s actually my dirty mind that prompts me to write this. There’s a running gag on the show where Harry has a dilemma each week and is unable to choose between two, often unrelated, TV characters, concepts or ideas.

He decides by having the two opponents represented by often obscure representations of themselves fight each other. This week it was two actors dressed up as giant plastic soldiers. Their guns were plastic, their faces were painted and they wore plastic uniforms. The question that came to my mind was “Where did they get the specialist PVC army uniforms?”