It’s All Tits And Beavers!

By | November 10, 2007

Kate HumbleBBC2 viewers have been delighted by the return of Autumn Watch hosted by Kate Humble (Yum!) and Bill Oddie (ex Goodie, if you were around in the 70’s in which case you will remember this “…yum, yum”. Lol)

The program is shown at 8pm till 9pm Monday to Thursday and is gathering quite a lot of interest. Perhaps for all the wrong reasons. The show focuses on various wildlife subjects including foxes, wild boar and swans.

But what has caught the public’s eye and that of BBC radio One star Scott Mills is their regular feature, beaver watch. There have been many classic lines during the airing of the show including, “that was a classic beaver shot” and “snatch of the day”. 🙂 There have also been tit references but I haven’t heard any of those. Something to watch out for next week I think. Lol

The innuendo has now moved on a level. Initially both Kate and Bill were totally oblivious to the double entendres but now, especially since the coverage on the BBC1 radio show they must be fully clued up to the fact that people are now tuning in just to hear the one liners come out of their mouths.

Alex and I regularly tune in to watch now and I must say the show works on many levels for me…I love the wildlife featured and the quaint naughtiness but most of all I think Kate is scrummy. If ever she needs someone to hold her equipment I volunteer. 😉

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