Stacked Brunette In Lycra And Me ;)

By | February 2, 2010

I made a return visit to the gym this morning after over exerting myself last week and pulling muscles in my arms, which lead to days of discomfort an pain. This time I was determined to work myself back in to exercise slowly. Lesson learned.

After a little rowing and working out with the weight machines I went over to the bikes and there was a very nice brunette already cycling away on the end bicycle. I climbed on to the bike next to her to get a better look.

She had long straight brown hair, wearing black lycra leggings and a strappy black t-shirt and boy was she stacked. I had to be careful not to let her catch me looking as I adjusted the seat and foot straps on my pedals.

The cute brunette turned and smiled at me. I wonder if she will be there next time I go…