Sex In Store

By | February 4, 2010

Good customer service is an art, whether it’s online, via telephone, or face-to-face in a retail store. It’s bad enough when you’re selling conventional items like clothes, books or cars. But selling something a little more intimate, i.e. adult toys has to be even more problematic.

Anyone can buy adult toys these days without people thinking they’re perverts. Well without most people thinking they’re perverts. It’s the same with porn movies. Everyone masturbates or has masturbated at some point in their lives and they shouldn’t be ashamed about it.

However, whereas with conventional retail you can do specialised training for the products you sell, is that the same for adult retail. Yes I know that the principles are pretty much the same but good product knowledge is vital, as is an understanding of the customer profile that’s crossing the threshold of the store. Do adult industry suppliers train their retailer at all? Do the owners of the stores go for awards like “Investors in People”?

I’d certainly be more likely to buy any product from someone who could advise me with knowledge and authority, be that a fridge or a vibrator. The staff could even do their homework by being given a selection of toys to take home and play with. Though let’s face it the government would probably find a way of classing that as a benefit in kind rather than as part of staff development.

I suppose the only problem would arise if staff got too enthusiastic talking about a product … things could get a little weird. LOL