Nibbles, Nipples and Melons

By | November 11, 2007, Rude VegAlex and I don’t have the funds to go out much these days and tend to have lots of cosy nights in with a bottle of red and some toys. Don’t get me wrong we love to party with the rest of them but equally we are happy in each other’s company. Being at home gives us the flexibility to be able wander off to bed to get dirty whenever we feel like it and that is good. 😉

Last night was one of the exceptions. Alex invited over a work colleague and his wife. I decided to do some pizza’s and nibbles to soak up the alcohol and got out the party games for later when we were a little more relaxed in each other’s company. And just for the record I didn’t get out Manogomy or any equally naughty game. We had only just met. Lol

I was quite excited at the prospect of having guests round with lots of interesting and stimulating company. Because I didn’t know the couple I decided to dress less revealing than usual. For me a wrap around top showing lots of cleavage is a must because there were days when I was so thin I didn’t have a cleavage. In fact I didn’t have much apart from a rack of ribs. Lol So now at every given opportunity I like to show the puppies off. 😉 Alex likes it too.

It was a blue jeans and white t-shirt night for me. Casual but covered. You can imagine the surprise I got when the girl handed me her coat. Underneath she was a bonny girl with boobs like ripe melons and they were out on display for all to see in her low cut top. Very nice I thought taking her coat and taking a naughty peep.

I should have known that it was all too good to be true…

For the first part of the evening I was in the kitchen preparing the food and getting drinks organised for everyone so Alex was doing the pleasantries, chit chatting and stuff. I placed the food out on the table and let everyone help themselves and sat down with them all to eat, drink and be merry.

It must have taken all of five minutes to realise that the girl was overpowering, her partner didn’t get a chance to speak. Further more neither did we. Every time we started to get out a sentence she would jump in and take over the conversation. Despite this I was the perfect host staring at her intently as she went, on and on and…on. 🙂

I gave up trying to interject eventually and Alex and I just sat quietly holding each other’s hand with the odd squeeze as if to say “Will you just shut the fuck up!”. Lol I can’t remember when I was as bored as I was last night.

I’m sure Alex was running the same thoughts through his head as I was and wishing that he was spending his evening in your company, writing for the site or reading the wonderful blogs out there instead of listening to a girl droning on.

To break the monotony of the one sided conversation Alex suggested that he gave them a tour of the house. Luckily I had done a sweep for sex toys, lube and other adult paraphernalia we leave around the house without a thought these days.

The last room to be shown to them was our bedroom. We all stood in the doorway looking around. Then I spotted it! Hanging from the far side of the bed head was our rubber flogger in clear view.

With good presence of mind I stared to telling them about the pictures we had on the wall behind them and Alex took over. This gave me time to walk briskly around the other side of the bed and unhook the leather strap and place it under the bed. I don’t know how I managed it but with seconds to spare I secreted it under his side of the bed. Phew!

We then returned to the lounge and unfortunately listening to her again. The clock ticked and eventually they decided to leave. Alex couldn’t wait to run up and grab their coats off the bed.

As soon as their car had moved off our driveway we were upstairs and the rest you will be able to read about later as you always do. 😉