Lickety Clit – Tongue Joy Turbo

By | November 12, 2007

This is a very innovative in design and concept. I couldn’t wait to give it a trial on Alex’s cock and my clit was begging for it. πŸ˜‰

The Tongue Joy has a cordless basic unit which houses two 393 watch batteries facilitating wireless pleasure and one speed. Also included is the Turbo battery pack that requires 2 x AA batteries inserting in to the unit via the slide off backing plate. This unit has 3 speed settings operated by a sliding switch on the front of the unit.

The vibrating attachment screws in to both options and acts as the on/off control for the tongue joy. Included in the cute little satin embroidered bag which is supplied to keep all your equipment together are 4 textured silicone sleeves to wear over the vibrator and 3 sizes of silicone band to secure the vibrator to your tongue.

And not forgetting the guys and girls out there who have a tongue piercing, there is a little barbell attachment too. What a wonderful idea! When I saw it I wished I had a pierced tongue to be able to use that too. πŸ˜‰

We opened the little satin pouch and removed all the parts and Alex volunteered to wash them before use. But despite his thorough cleaning, there was a very strong smell from the rubber sleeves and bands. A top tip to both sterilise and make them smell better is to soak them in your mouth wash before use and this gives them a lovely minty smell and taste when in use. See I’m good for tips too. πŸ™‚

We both decided that the best place to try this out was in the bedroom where it was warm and we could take our time using the vibrator on different parts of the body. Can you believe we had a mini fight over who used it first! Lol

Alex won and got to go first! Lol He tried the bands for size and the middle sized band was the best fit. He attached the vibrating unit and the control and I removed my bra and panties and lay back to think of England (Well the England Rugby Team, Lol).

To enhance the stimulation I closed my eyes and eagerly awaited his touch. He turned on the unit and I could hear him approaching me. Then I felt the warmth of his tongue as it made contact with my nipple. It immediately started to flush with blood and harden. The joint sensation of his warm hot tongue and breath and the vibratory stimuli was heavenly. Something you just don’t get with a vibe alone.

Vibrators tend to be hard and cold. This was warm, comforting and very stimulating as he worked up through all three speed settings. I wriggled slightly, rubbing my pussy lips together. Alex noticed and began to flick his tongue around my areola and then back to my pert nipple. I was really getting in to this now and then it came to my notice that my breast was becoming cold.

I was covered in Alex’s drool. Unintentionally he had dribbled saliva all over my breast. Then he lost the band as it vibrated off his tongue and on to me. This was the Achilles heel, the combination of the vibration and the saliva induced by it eases the band free and you have to keep adjusting it, pushing it back on to your tongue.

You also have to be careful not to let your teeth make contact with the vibe, the sleeve does help providing a dampener.

Persistence paid off…Alex moved down to my pussy and pushed aside my labia. Wow! I can’t adequately describe how it felt to have a warm wet vibrator playing with my clit but it was quite mind blowing. I could feel his tongue snake around my clit as those vibes rippled through my swollen little nub. Normally I would cross my ankles and push my foot down on the top of the other to increase the sensation but I couldn’t do this with Alex’s head between my labia. πŸ˜‰

Within a few moments I was bucking under him and almost grasped his head in a vice like grip with my thighs the stimulation was so intense. πŸ˜‰ I pulled my labia apart easing his access to my clit and Alex responded. I gasped and jumped as he made direct contact with my sensitised button.

Almost immediately I felt it, I knew I was close and moaned my delight as I came all over Alex’s tongue. This was the first time he had licked me to orgasm. In the past I had been very close to loosing it and coming but never managed to achieve it. Now with the aid of this little beauty of a sex toy I had achieve yet another first. πŸ˜‰

After my climax had subsided I realised I was laying on a damp patch. The combination of Alex’s saliva and my own cum had wet the bedsheet underneath me.

This toy is a little difficult to use in terms of keeping it secured to your tongue, perhaps with further training the amount of saliva produced could be controlled I don’t know. What I do know is that it is the perfect, must have sex toy for those with pierced tongues. If I wasn’t such a coward I would be making an appointment right now.

Do you want to know more? Well Alex’s half of this review will be along later πŸ˜€