Tongue Joy Turbo

By | November 13, 2007

Tongue Joy Turbo, AlexSuze.comThe Tongue Joy Turbo is a toy that combines lingual stimulation of your partner with vibration. It can be worn on the tongue using the supplied tongue bar if you have a tongue piercing, or by using one of the three silicone bands supplied with it you can apply it to your partner’s sensitive areas with it attached to your tongue, finger or even toe.

The device itself is stainless steel and is supplied with four soft plastic sheaths that provide different textures when slipped over the steel bullet.

The power for the vibration comes from either a tiny battery pack that connects directly to the toy’s bullet, or via a thin lead and battery box that can be used to connect the bullet to power pack containing two AA batteries.

Both have their pros and cons. The self-contained battery pack that sits on your tongue just behind the bullet gives you total freedom of movement, but is limited by the battery life and strength of the vibrations it can produce. The battery pack does encumber you slightly while using the toy, but will last for ages and gives more powerful vibrations. Another difference between the tiny power pack and the external, wired, batteries is that the external batteries are able to incorporate a control for variable speed operation. Something that would be impossible to provide in the self-contained unit.

Opening the toy revealed a distinct odour from the silicone sheaths and bands. So for that reason and standard the hygiene protocol that we use before and after using any sex toy I washed every part of it in anti-bacterial soap, thoroughly rinsed each part and patted it dry on some kitchen towel. This did diminish the odour, but not eliminate it completely. Suze therefore suggested we stand the silicone components in mouthwash to ensure that the smell was not a distraction during love making. A 50-50 mix was effective at making the parts minty fresh and adding that extra zing to the test 😉

Not having a tongue piercing I select the appropriate band for my tongue and assembled the toy using the smaller, wire-free, powerpack. I screwed the bullet in to turn it on and went to work, teasing Suze’s nipples. She enjoyed this but wanted a little more so I quickly moved across her belly to her waiting pussy. My first touch had Suze squirming as I applied the oscillating Tongue Joy Turbo to her clit. The effect was instantaneous. Suze always likes me to lick her, but this was different, more immediate in her moans, more intense in the stimulation.

A few tips here:

· Take great care of your dental work if using the toy as it’s so easy to catch on your teeth and therefore potentially chip them.

· Because of the above you tend to use the toy with your mouth wide open and cover your partner in drool because of it.

· If your tongue gets tired, simply slip the toy onto your finger and apply the delightful vibrations like that.

Tongue Joy Turbo, AlexSuze.comBecause the vibration was not as intense as we’d first imagined I switched across to the version of the toy with external battery pack. A few minutes later I had my head buried in Suze’s pussy, stroking her clit with my vibrating tongue. I switched over to the external battery pack and continued massaging her clit.

The end result was startling, the first clitoral orgasm I have given her for ages. Towards the end of my aural contact with her pussy I had salivated so much as to make her inner thighs soaking wet.

Suze took twenty minutes or so to come down from the clitoral orgasm before she was ready to test the toy on me. Being similarly un-pierced she was obliged to use the tongue band to secure the Tongue Joy.

I was laying on my back, turgid and rapidly hardening cock on my thigh. The familiar sensation of Suze sucking my cock into her mouth was accompanied by the intense buzzing sensation of the Tongue Joy’s bullet on my frenulum. It’s an amazing experience, the combination of the organic and mechanical stimulation is something that no other toy has ever delivered.

However as Suze pointed out she experienced the same problem that I encountered. Without a tongue piercing the Tongue Joy Turbo tends to slip off from time to time. Suze’s BJ technique is excellent anyway, but the Tongue joy added an extra dimension. We were both turned on to such an extent by Suze’s clitoral orgasm and the BJ she was giving me that we discarded the Tongue Joy at this point and ended up having the most wonderful wild sex.

So, the Tongue Joy Turbo delivers in many ways. It’s combination of compactness, especially when operated with the tiny on-tongue power pack, plus the option of the more intense, controllable and of course longer lasting external battery pack is genius. I gave Suze her first lingual-clitoral orgasm and she added a new dimension to her blow jobs. It’s great when used with the tongue bands, but with a tongue piercing and the bar attachment … I can only imagine. And like Suze I’m half considering whether or not to have my first piercing …

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