Sex And Filth

By | February 7, 2010

We spent a relaxing afternoon in bed after a Sunday morning full of admin and site maintenance. We got up too early after a late night that was far too late and ended up dozing in bed for a very non-British siesta.

Well, when we woke up we were both horny which was amplified when I spent a good ten minutes licking Suze until I was covered in her juices and dripping with sweat – I should have thrown off the duvet. The simple pleasures of a doggy style fuck followed with Suze cumming in double quick time. My tongue lashing obviously doing the trick at getting her hot and horny.

As we lay back in the afterglow I realised I had to do something really dirty … but sadly not to Suze. Our patio is large and collects leaves and they needed to be disposed of so in the dwindling light, misty rain and frigid air I forced myself to go outside and collect the leaves. Now that is a dirty job because the smell of rotting leaves is a bastard to wash of your hands.

Back to the naughtiness later 😀