Pussy Power!

By | November 14, 2007

AlexSuze.comI spent years with boyfriends who didn’t know how to go down on me properly before meeting Alex. Yes, they would run fingers between my labia and give me the occasional finger fuck. Although that was good, I didn’t discover until later in my sexual explorations just how good it was to have a g-spot orgasm.

Their head would disappear down between my legs and a tongue would work between my lips, down towards my ass. But no stimulation of my clitoris and certainly no rimming. How naïve they were and so was I for that matter. I didn’t know any better.

I don’t think I can recall climaxing without penile penetration back then. I had watched porn and read magazines but still had no idea about clitoral stimulation and g-spot stimulation. Never heard of squirting either and rimming just wasn’t done.

Alex and I have been on a true voyage of discovery and for that matter still are. He was the only guy to help me have my first squirting session. I was stood in the bathroom at the sink washing my face, wearing just a thong and bra.

He came up behind me and began to kiss me hard as he reached inside my panties and down between my legs. I slid my feet apart on the tiled bathroom floor to aid his access. His fingers pushed deep inside me, making me draw in a sharp breath of air.

I was now leaning against the bathroom wall. He curved his fingers inside me until they were making firm contact with my vaginal wall. I could then feel him manipulating me, rubbing my g-spot with dexterous fingers. My legs began to buckle and tremble as he worked his magic up inside me. I slumped against the wall trying to remain upright, as an intensive high hit me.

Without warning I came, my body seemed to go in to spasm as warm fluid began to trickle from between my pussy lips and descending down my legs to the floor. Alex continued to finger me and the floor beneath me became showered with droplets of my own fluids.

My head was now spinning and my pussy pulsing as I lay back against the tiled wall breathing heavily. Spent. He whispered in my ear “Did you enjoy that?”. “Yes”, was all I could offer, I had been rendered speechless stood in a puddle of my own making.

When he tried to withdraw his fingers from inside me he couldn’t, they were trapped just like they were in a human vice. My muscles had spasmed and were now holding him firmly inside me. He looked down at me and smiled “I can’t get my fingers out”. I laughed. After several minutes my muscles released their grip on him and he was able to remove his hand.

I took hold of it and kissed it, taking in the smell of my own pussy. Then I sucked his wet fingers one by one, his wrist was wet as was the cuff of his sweatshirt. I have to admit I love the smell of me on Alex. When he has been down on me I like to kiss him and taste myself on his tongue.

Hours after he has been between my legs I can still smell myself around his mouth, on his lips, his chin. A wonderful aroma.

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