Spanking That Bubble Butt

By | February 7, 2010

AlexSuzeHaving a boob job is now almost an everyday procedure. Women compare boob size in the showers after gym, maybe clandestinely maybe overtly (it depends how friendly they are I suppose), but instead of just wishing they had bigger boobs it’s now possible for many women to actually have their chests enhanced. And if they can’t afford it some even get into debt to increase their cup size.

An operation that doesn’t get so much coverage in the press and seems to have a lower profile is the one to give you a J-Lo butt. There appear to be two methods. Relocation of fat from another area of the body to the buttocks and the use of implants. The latter being used on women who do not have sufficient fat in other areas to augment their buttocks.

However as with extreme boob jobs you have to wonder that maybe if you’re slim then large buttocks could look out of place. Don’t you think? When a woman has curves they get buttocks for free, but it’s unusual for a svelte physique to sport round, full buttocks.

If you want boobs, bum and nice curves you could always put a little weight on? Then it would all be in proportion. Hmmm?