Hot In Portugal

By | November 15, 2007

AlexSuze.comI was thinking the other day about holidays and in particularly family ones. The last family holiday that we both had was to celebrate Alex’s mother’s birthday a few years ago. Alex’s father decided that it would be rather nice if we could all go on a family break in the sun to celebrate. This sounded like a good idea to both of us with money being a little tight at the time.

The holiday was booked for the four of us to stay in a villa in Portugal for a week in March. We were really looking forward to having a break after a really hard beginning to the year wor-kwise for us both. However a problem quickly became apparent on the sex front. As our regular readers are well aware, Alex and myself have sex on a regular basis and are used to being able to do it when and where we please, within reason.

This holiday was obviously going to be a little sexually stifling. We were going to have to calm things down somewhat. For me it was probably going to be more difficult than Alex because I am very vocal during sex. I love to give instruction during fucking and sounds of pleasure leave my lips at regular intervals. This stimulates Alex and also gives him the cue for me orgasming, I’m so enthusiastic it’s sometimes difficult for him to tell.

It is completely alien to me when I have to stifle my cries of passion and not be able to moan that I am cuming to Alex when he is thrusting his hips in to me. Therefore, we were going to have to be creative and come up with reasons for staying at the villa whilst his parents perused other activities.

When we arrived the weather was just beginning to warm up and it was a very pleasant temperature. The villa itself was a two bedroomed one with a communal pool. The fridge had been stocked with staple rations and we sat down to have a cup of tea upon arrival. Alex’s mum suggested that she and her husband found the local store after our drinks, whilst Alex and myself unpacked.

This sounded great to us. A chance to try out Portuguese hospitality! In other words a quick fuck upstairs on our double bed. We couldn’t get rid of them quickly enough, we rushed upstairs like a couple of teenagers. Unbuttoning and unfastening as we went.

I leapt on to the bed wearing just a red thong, Alex not wanting to waste a minute followed. I grabbed a hold of the metal bedhead with both hands and pointed my wet pussy in Alex’s direction. He did not need to be invited and he pushed his erection straight to the back of me and began to fuck me deeply. That is when it happened, every time Alex thrust the bed squeaked and moved across the floor. This coupled with the resonance of the sounds coming from the feet scraping against the tiled floor and my moans of pleasure.

Alex pushed my head in to the pillow that helped to stifle my moans but the bed just kept on squeaking and making a bid for freedom. Determined not to be deterred by this, Alex kept on fucking and we both came simultaneously. I think the added distraction of the furniture noises made the act seem even naughtier.

I plugged my pussy with toilet tissue and we both waddled off to the bathroom to get cleaned up. Just in time as at that moment his parents returned, announcing vocally that they were back (obviously suspecting that we may be up to something!).

From then on, we had to improvise. I would suck Alex off under the covers, this was a very clean way of relieving him as all of the ejaculate was discreetly swallowed (No evidence for the parents to find). He would alternate between finger fucking me and bringing me off with my clit. We just about kept sane for the week. In an attempt to get a proper fuck, I placed the quilt cover on the tiled floor. This did not work very well as every time Alex rammed in to me, I moved further away as the quilt slipped on the polished floor. It also played havoc with the knees.

We did try to do it standing in the corner of the swimming pool. It was completely empty so we both made our way over to have a swim (Oh, yeah! I hear you say). Well that was the pretence. The pool was well situated in the middle of the complex but surrounded by vegetation in its own garden. Alex pushed his back against the pool wall and placed both arms up on the sides. I pulled my thong to one side at the back and reached back in to Alex’s trunks. He was ready for me and I felt the same. I pulled his cock free down the leg of his trunks and pushed it inside me.

Any innocent bystanders would just think that I was splashing about in the corner of the pool, as I bobbed up and down. Little did they know that I was bobbing up and down on a hard cock. I was just getting in to the swing of things when I heard footsteps on the periphery of the garden. The gate to the pool opened and in stepped a girl of about 12 years of age. Very quickly I moved off Alex’s cock and we both fiddled under the water to make ourselves decent. That was the closest we got during our holiday to a proper fuck.

On the up side it was a very pleasant holiday, not too hot. The locals were friendly and the food superb. Alex spent a lot of time eating fish, something he doesn’t get chance to do at home as I am not a huge fan of seafood. He assures me that Portuguese seafood is probably the best he’s ever tasted. He still has masses of sardine pate left which we lugged back through customs. I stuck to the steak and almond flavoured deserts, delicious. And the Almond liqueur. We both had the sense to steer clear of the Piri Piri, a little too hot for us.

When we got back we were in bed for the whole weekend making up for lost time. Doesn’t sex seem more intense when you have been denied it for a while?