Explosive Orgasms

By | February 9, 2010

I read a story in the press this morning about a bomb scare in a Russian post office.  A report was made about a vibrating object inside a package inside the sorting room of the post office in Orenburg.

The special police evacuated 20 people from the building and investigated the package to find that the vibrator inside had switched itself on.

This made me smile and think back to last October when we visited the Venus Sexpo in Berlin.  On the way home with lots of goodies as you cam imagine, a vibrator inside our case turned itself on.  When I retrieved my suitcase from the luggage conveyor it was virating away and Alex had to disappear off to a remote corner of the arrivals area to sort it out.

We both laughed about it and made our way to the waiting taxi outside.  That would have been the end of it, only it started to vibrate inside the suitcase again.  This time it was observed by the taxi driver who informed us as we were about to climb inside the car that the alarm clock was going off inside our case.

Alex made his way to the boot gesturing for us both to get in to the car and he would sort it out.  Oh how we laughed.  Lol