Real World Sex

By | November 17, 2007

Here at and on our new site we talk about sex, write erotic fiction and carry out sex toy reviews. However one thing has been missing and we didn’t even notice.

We are both advocates of safe sex. We may write about casual encounters like this one, but we wouldn’t advise anyone to jump into bed with the next stranger they meet and have unprotected sex.

So to redress the balance somewhat we’re adding two links to our sidebar and hope that if you are thinking of sex with your first partner, a new partner or you are worried about having had unprotected sex they will give you a place to start looking for advice.

Essential Wear

R U Thinking

NHS Direct

If you would rather talk to a human being about your concerns you should see your family doctor, or if you’d prefer to speak to a healthcare professional on the phone, UK citizens can ring 0845 4647.

Sex should be fun and safe sex doesn’t mean that fun is in any way diminished. Whereas contracting an STI can prevent you having sex, make you ill, or in some cases kill you.

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