Uninhibited Fucks

By | February 10, 2010

I woke to hear car doors being repeatedly slammed shut on Sunday morning.  For a while I tried to blank them out determined to enjoy my lazy Sunday morning in bed.  Just as I tried for the umpteenth time to slip back in to slumber, there it was again BANG!

Both righteously indignant and thoroughly pissed off for the rude awakening I reached out of bed for my robe, tied it loosely and made my way over to the window.  Needless to say Alex was out for the count, he is such a deep sleeper that most things, including a mild earthquake we encountered a few years ago, don’t stir him.  Lol

As I opened a nick in the curtains to peer out without being too obvious, I noticed that our next door neighbours were loading the boot of their car with possessions and a couple of rucksacks.

It appeared they were going away for a while.  Unable to control my joy at the prospect of being able to make as much noise as we liked I woke Alex and shared with him, then I climbed in beside him.

He rolled over to snuggle and I couldn’t resist saying “great we’ll be able to watch porn without the volume having to be controlled”.

Then it occurred to me…we’ve watched it all.  Lol