Behind the Bike Sheds (continued)

By | November 19, 2007, AlexSuze wrote a story that we published recently about what it would have been like if we had been at school together and had hooked up then. Pure fantasy as we met up after high school, but a very provocative thought. I do have a thing about school uniforms, not schoolgirls, I’d like to make that very clear, just naughty grown-up girls in school uniforms. OK I admit it any form of smart uniform, military, police, nurse, a pretty common fixation I think you’d agree.

Anyway, back to the point of this post. As Suze left the story open ended with the mystery of “What happened to the panties?” I am now compelled to imagine what happened to them.

I walked back to the school yard with my cock dribbling down my leg. Seminal fluid making its way toward my knee. I make a quick trip to the boys toilets to clean it up, smelling my cum and Suzanne’s as I wipe myself off in the toilet stall.

Sufficiently cleansed of our fluids I leave for afternoon lessons with my memories and the small bulge of Suzanne’s panties in my trouser pocket. In physics class I swear I can smell her juices as my body heat warms the cotton panties in my pocket. Whether it’s my imagination or not I start to get hard as I listen to the physics teacher talk about Ohm’s Law. Hot blood fills my cock and I start to ooze at the though of what I did at lunchtime and what I’d like to do to her again.

To my horror the teacher suddenly shouts, “Alex, pay attention boy.” I jump obviously startled, obviously just woken from a [very erotic] daydream. “Is my lesson boring you?”, he asks. “Er, no sir.”, a cold scowl, “Er, no sir?”, he sneers, “Well if you can do better get out here and explain to the rest of us the relationship between voltage and current across a resistance in an electrical circuit …”.

The thought of standing up, in front of the class with a rapidly developing erection under my thin trousers causes blood to rush to my cheeks, I blush uncontrollably as I make my way awkwardly to the front of the class. Luckily, as I turn to face my audience a pile of unmarked exercise books on the teacher’s desk masks the bulge in my trousers from my classmates.

I stare at the blackboard blankly, I try to speak “Er, well V is er, current, no voltage and R is resistance in Ooms …”, “Ohm’s boy, Ohms”, “Ohms, so er to er I represents er”, “Current young man current”, “I represents current, you multiply …”

“I give up! Go and sit down. Detention for you tomorrow my lad. Now pay attention”

I shuffle back to my seat and try to keep my attention on the rest of the lesson. My cock now limp and deflated like the rest of me, the afternoon drags on and on. Finally the bell rings and I run home.

As soon as I’m through the door I run to my bedroom and hide my treasure away. I don’t want them falling out of my pocket at the dinner table and having to answer my mother’s obvious question 😉

I wolf dinner. “Are you going out tonight?”. “No, too much homework”, I lie, and dive off to my bedroom.

I open my bedside drawer and pull it out completely. Underneath is the small cavity which acts as my hiding place for my most secret possessions. On top of the two or three dog-eared porn magazines are Suzanne’s panties.

I take them out and silently replace the drawer, a well-practised manoeuvre.

I raise them to my nose, my excitement building. Their musky smell excites me immediately, my cock swelling and almost immediately uncomfortable in my jeans. My heart skips as I hear foot falls on the stairs. “We’re off to the supermarket. See you later Alex”, my mother’s voice.

Party time!

As soon as I hear the door close I jump out of my clothes and lay back on the bed. My erection throbbing and pointing towards my face. I stroke myself gently at first with my finger tips from top to bottom and then back down again. I cup my balls and squeeze them gently.

I grasp my cock in my fist, my only lubrication my own pre-cum. It’s quite sufficient as I’m incredibly excited. I move my fist up and down slowly, I’m already close to cumming, the thoughts of fucking Suze are too exciting to contain.

My impatience takes hold and I begin to pump my fist on to my cock. In only a few seconds I begin to spurt a shower of cum across my stomach and chest. The hot sticky fluid splashed onto me turning me on even more. If only Suze were here to lick it off. If only I could slide my fingers into her moist snatch.

The cooling semen starts to make its slow, viscous, descent down the sides of my stomach towards the bedding, reminding me to get cleaned up. The tissue, ever present in my top drawer is in easy reach.

I can’t stop thinking about Suze and what I’d like to do to her, what I want her to do to me. Thirty minutes later my cock is stirring again. I’m in the kitchen, making a coffee. It’s tingling, reminding me that I should be massaging it to a frenzied orgasm.

I unfasten my trousers and let them and my underwear fall to my ankles. Then I drop to my knees and begin wanking again. I’m a little dry so I spit on my shiny purple glans. Suzanne’s panties are in my hand and I smell them again. She’s there with me. My face is in her crotch, my tongue lapping at her warm musky slit. I slide my cock through one leg of the panties, they waft back and forth as I stroke my length.

I feel the orgasm rising, the cum erupting within me. Panic! No tissue to hand. I cup the panties in my hand cover the end of my cock just as I begin to produce jets of hot semen.

When the orgasm has subsided I carefully put them to one side.

Shall I give them back?

Shall I wash them before giving them back?