Flash Mob Gang Bang

By | February 11, 2010

Google’s vision of the future of social networking was announced today; I a nutshell, everyone with an Android phone using the new Google social networking site “Buzz” to “Tweet” (Or would be Geet, or perhaps Goot on a Google social network?) and geo-tag everything they do to great massively rich layers of data over Google Maps/Earth.

The bit of demo I saw seemed to emphasises the fusion of all the GPS, Internet and cellular technologies to create a tapestry of information more detailed than anything before it all based around Google products. A mash-up of unparalleled complexity supported by more and more complex and flexible input devices.

I wrote a few years ago about the possibility of blogging using mobile devices while having sex. At the time the technology wasn’t as mature as it is now and with accelerometers in phones, compasses, cameras  and GPS you could now write an App to automatically tell the world what you were doing, when, where, who with and how vigorously.

If you’re into the group thing you can take it beyond using your phone to arrange dogging sessions and if you were so inclined use web servers to automatically coalesce a flashmob to an orgiastic frenzy at some location or another when a high enough density of swingers were present in an area.

Now I’m sure that Google didn’t have that sort of application for the technology when they created Goggle itself, Android or the new Buzz. I’m even more sure that they would look down their noses at the idea while simultaneously hoping it takes off to generate even more buzz (no pun intended) for their new creation.

But if Apple iPhone can have the “Grinder” App why can’t Google have a swinger App for group sex get togetehrs?