Wet Dreams And Jacking Off!

By | October 25, 2006

Pitchouli OilOr should that be Jilling off to Jack? 

The new series “Torchwood” started this Sunday on the BBC.  At first I wasn’t that bothered about watching but after seeing the first…I’m hooked.  Captain Jack, take me, take me now.  Yes the series has great story lines and special effects but that is not why I shall be glued to my screen every Sunday evening for the next 13 weeks.  Oooh 13 weeks….

Anyway.  Where was I?  You probably guessed by now that I have a slight crush on Captain Jack, no correct that, I would like to fuck his brains out.  Or at least objectify him sexual when masturbating.  Do you want to see who I am talking about?  Ok, here he is.

Captain JackThis is actor John Barrowman and I think I’m in lust with him.  After seeing him in his greatcoat the other night I haven’t been able to stop myself from reflecting back to my rock chick days.  A lot of the guys wore greatcoats (l loved the grey ones) or plain olive combat type jackets.

Most of my nights were spent in cellar rock dens where you drank Newcastle Brown Ale straight from the bottle.  These pubs were usually crammed full of leather clad bikers and rockers.  Music turned up to number 11 just below the stage where your ears bleed.  The one I frequented most often had it’s own DJ so you could request your favourite tracks.

It was in the ladies toilet that I first saw too girls kissing in public, at the sinks.  One was sat on the vanity unit, the other was between her open legs.  Undeterred I washed my hands and watched with interest in the mirror.

I had to resort to takin a pee in the gents toilet one busy night.  There was a queue for the ladies toilets one Saturday night which stretched up the stairs and out in to the street.  No way could I wait that long to take a pee.  This girl goes just once or twice in an evening (I have a capacious bladder) and when I have to go, I have to go.

My friend and I waited until the last guy we had seen enter the gent toilets, left.  Then I walked in and was greeted with the most disgusting smell of stale urine.  Annette my friend kept guard on the door.  Taking my life in my own hands I walked past the urinal and into one of the stalls.  I did my pee whilst doing the girlie squat and hover and left.  It wasn’t worth washing your hands looking at the state of the sinks, you would be dirtying them rather than cleaning them.

When I walked out there were several bemused guys stood outside waiting to go in.  Never let anyone try and tell me that there was no courtesy back then.  I said thanks to them and then made for the bar.  I only ever did that once after.  The next time I wasn’t so lucky.  Or maybe I was I didn’t look.  😀  I came out of the cubicle to see a guy at the trough taking a leak.  I walked swiftly past him, trying not to catch his eye and glowing ever so slightly.

We always stood next to the pinball machine just under one of the speakers.  I lost some right money on that game but it was so bloody addictive.  But the top of the pinball machine came in handy for placing your bottles and cigs on.

Those were the days.  When I would get turned on at the sight of a guy with torn oil stained jeans and a black leather jacket peppered with badges, studs and beer mats.  Never liked the smell of Patchouli oil and it was a must wear for the rock chick in those days.  To me it smelled like composting garden waste.  I must confess I did have a particular weakness for tall guys in greatcoats, I like the way they flare out when the guy struts.  Giving the appearance of power.

One of my boyfriends had one on the night we met.  I don’t think you would be too surprised to know that I asked him to fuck me wearing that coat.  It kept both of us warm as he opened his flies pulled out his cock, lifted my skirt up and took me from behind.  He placed his arms around my waist pulling me back in to his groin and wrapped his coat around us both like a bats wings.  It was a good job that nobody was out walking their dog that cold November night.  🙂  We had just been to a firework party and couldn’t wait.  😉

I had something go off inside me that night I can tell you.