Slow Morning Fuck And A Little Something To Remember Him By

By | November 19, 2007

AlexSuze.comIf you read my earlier post you will be aware that I had a half day of Friday and boy what a half day it was too! I woke up early on Friday morning, the nights are drawing in and the mornings are dark now.

When I awoke I had to check the clock it was so dark outside. I could just make out Alex’s form in the bed against the meagre light from the window. He was fast asleep on his back and I just couldn’t resist placing my gently on his groin. I thought there may just be a chance that he had a little early morning wood. And me being an opportunist I couldn’t let the prospect pass my by.

I was disappointed, he was laying limp and warm against his groin. As I began to gently stroke his cock with an upward fingertip touch, he stirred slightly and placed his left hand between my legs. Good sign I thought. 😉

He was now responding very nicely to my ministrations, firming by the minute. It was nice to just lay there stroking each other in the haziness of sleep. My eyes were firmly shut and I felt a sense of well being and comfort as we lay there gently playing with each other. No rush, no pressure, just a drowsy sexual encounter. One to savour.

Alex removed his hand from between my legs, spat on his finger and inserted it back between my warm pussy lips. He started to run his finger up and down my clit and I moaned my appreciation. No words were spoken, none needed.

His cock was now firm under my hand and I grasped him firmly, pulling back his foreskin. I traced a finger over his crown and felt the warm wetness of his pre cum. He seemed to be as randy as I was. My cunt was now well lubed and he rubbed my clit with more vigour and purpose.

“Turn on to your side towards the wall”, he whispered in the dark. I complied lifting my nightshirt to just under my armpits, exposing my breasts. I felt the warmth of his breath against my neck, then a kiss on the nape. “Open you legs you horny girl”, he asked as he parted my legs and guided his cock between them.

Still semi asleep, I felt him push inside me my inner labia gripping him firmly as he pushed into my warmth. His hips hit my buttocks as he fed every last inch of his erection inside me. I brought my knees up towards my chest to enable him to penetrate me fully.

I clutched my pillow between my hands as he began to gently move in and out of me, his cockhead almost slipping from between my labial grip on his outward stroke. Then straight back in, cervix deep. I gripped his cock with my pelvic floor muscles and he fucked me slow and deep.

His breath and groans in my right ear added to the moment and before long I had my first orgasm. My thighs were wet and so were his balls, my buttocks were now wet and slightly sticky. “Is that good?”. “Oh yes”, I whispered.

He was now grinding in to me and kissing the back of my neck and fuck I was orgasming again. His hand reached under my arm and grabbed a handful of my breast. He pinched my nipple hard and despite the pain I was unbelievably turned on, he rolled it between his fingers with a firm but very arousing pinch. Fuck, I was coming again.

With an arching of his back and an almighty thrust in to me which nearly took my breath away Alex twitched the familiar dance of the orgasm. Agggghhhhh! He exclaimed as he continued to pump his hot seed in to me.

Spent his cock slipped from between my legs and Alex rolled on to his back. He turned his head towards me and with a smile said “That’s just how much I love you”. I smiled and was about to snuggle up to him when he turned to check the time and proclaimed, “Shit I’m going to be late”. He leaned over to kiss me on the lips and jumped out of bed.

I wish we could have lay there for a while savouring the moment but first thing in a morning it is difficult to have enough time and I was just happy to be going to work with an “I’ve just been fucked face”. 😉

The drive to work was the most relaxing I have had in ages, despite the congestion. It’s amazing how an early morning screw can make your day start so much better.

Something happened just before lunch which made me recall my early morning encounter… 😉

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