Sex On The move

By | November 20, 2007, mobile siteA few weeks ago we started wondering about adding a mobile device optimised section to the site. Because of the constraints placed upon any such site by the size of the display available and the ease of navigation on a mobile device (especially mobile phones) we’ve been mulling it over since then.

What we decided to do, for now, is to publish our last five posts here We’re sure to add to is in the future but we hope you’ll like it for now.

Now the techy stuff:

  • The site is not WML compliant so if your phone only works with WML compliant markup then I’m afraid you will not be able to read it. We may be adding a WML compatible site, but even if we do it will only be a very basic version (probably a duplicate of the current XHTML site you can see today).
  • The Site therefore requires an XHTML capable mobile browser. The markup is not absolutely w3c XTHML compliant as of the time of this post. However it displays fine on our two year old Nokias and will be fully XHTML compliant when I’ve twiddled with the tags tonight.

If you find any problems please contact me .

We’ll adding a mobile section to shortly too 🙂

A big thanks to Ana at and her new mobile site for getting us thinking about mobile browsing.

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