Blood, Sweat And Sex

By | November 21, 2007

AlexSuze.comCan anyone explain to me just why it is that I am so horny when I am menstruating. Even when I have slight stomach cramps I can’t help myself, although it does help to uncramp the muscles causing the discomfort sometimes.

Previous guys I have dated wouldn’t have anything to do with sex when I was on my period. For some reason they thought it was dirty or taboo or something. And me in my peak of sexual arousal, just wanting a good hard shag. 😉

I’m lucky I have Alex now and he will give me a good seeing too whenever I want one. Lol No seriously, he has never shyed away from having intercourse with me when I have been menstruating.

We usually get the old “fucking towel” out as a precaution to avoid soiling the bedsheets but usually it isn’t that messy. Most of the blood tends to heat up on his thrusting cock and become red dandruff instead of fluid which may drip.

I also find that blood provides a very good lubricant. Not too slippy and ever so slightly tacky, which brings about perfect stimulation inside me. My g-spot at certain times is more sensitive and responsive too.

It is advisable that you keep a box of tissues or in our case a roll of loo roll to hand just in case you need to reinsert your cock inside your lady or her ass could end up covered in red fingerprints. Mine has several times.

There is no need to feel ashamed or worried about intercourse during menstruation, it may not be for everyone but I can’t wait for a week, no way!

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