Does Sex Smell?

By | November 22, 2007

AlexSuze.comFollowing on from my Slow Fuck post the other day, I though you may want to know how I was reminded of my early morning screw. Well, it all occurred because I dropped my pen. Whilst leaning over to reach for the pen laying on the floor my nose became level with my crotch.

The aroma then filled my nostrils, a musky, semi sweet smell, tinged with essence of mushroom. Listen, I’m no Oz Clarke but that is how I perceived it. Lol A fine bouquet! Unmistakably the smell of sex.

I don’t know if I have a very sensitive nose or if I was giving away my early morning activities to my colleagues, although they hadn’t said anything. But then again, would you mention that someone smells of fucking? I’m not sure you would. 😉

The essence was certainly more palatable than the Vulva Original I had experienced months ago. That had the distinct smell of piss about it. Lol

For a moment I could feel myself becoming aroused by the thought of that slow grinding fuck I had before setting out for work. I shook myself out of my daydream and retrieved my pen.

It did however make me wonder if my colleagues could smell sex on me or was I just being over sensitive. I must admit I can’t ever recall smelling sex on my friends or colleagues before. BO yes and even the occasional sweaty crack but never sex.

It just occurred to me how accurate the description of smelling like mushrooms is for my perception of the aroma of sex. I never really gave it that much thought before. Bloody hell, I may find myself orgasming whilst eating a full English Breakfast in future. Make mine a large sausage. Ok, I’ll stop right there. 🙂

Or have we developed a keen sense of smell for our own partner? Very much like tuning in on pheromones. Interesting idea…has anyone out there detected the scent of sexual intercourse on a friend or colleague and if so did you tell them?

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