Fan Fuck ;)

By | February 18, 2010

I’m constantly reading about other peoples online cyber play.  I’ve indulged in it a couple of times but never really made a habit of it unlike some kinksters out there.  😉

Well, today I was minding my own business, one session logged on to my social network site and the other researching on the Internet for the article I was writing.  Then up popped my little window telling me one of my friends wanted to chat.

I thought about it for a moment and how engrossed I was in my work, which in the end made my mind up for me.  It was time for a break.  I opened my chat session to be invited to a little bit of cyber naughtiness.

It was just what I needed so I closed my document and engaged with this guy who we’ll refer to as Mr X.  He started the conversation by taking the lead, asking me to do things for him.  Hitching up my skirt and exposing my fast hardening nipples.

I was liking this.  Perhaps a little too much…who me no…

He had me play with my nipples, rolling, tugging and tweaking and before long they were feeling like someone had electrified them.  Meanwhile I had him with his cock out through his flies (at work) under his desk.  The thought of him sat in his suit stroking himself made me moist.

I reached for the vibe I had with me for review and started to fuck myself with it, much to Mr X’s delight, he was visualising my pussy eating the full 8” of length it had to offer.  He described how his cock was now pulsing with blood as the veins stood on end.

He wanked and I fucked myself in and out with my vibe set to full vibration.  The chair beneath my bare ass cheeks was beginning to dampen with the continual flow of my juices, the controls to my vibe becoming slippery in the flow.

Typing was becoming difficult and my keyboard wet with my own juices.  A heavy smell of sex hung in the air.  He came and told me all about how he shot his load.  This pushed me over the edge and I braced myself for the ensuing orgasm.

It was powerful, fuelled by the knowledge that I had made a complete stranger come too.  This could become addictive…  😉