Checking Out Her Boobs

By | February 19, 2010

I just read that men usually tend to check out a woman’s breasts before anything else. It made me reflect and I realised that I check out men and women slightly differently.

Call me old fashioned but the first thing to catch my eye with a male is usually his eyes, I’m a sucker for nice eyes and from there I move outwards, checking out the surroundings. And along the way if he has a sense of humour I’m sold. I love a guy who can make you laugh.

With girls I think it is more a case of their assets catching my eye first, just as with men. I’ve written here about my infatuation with Busty a girl I used to work with in my last job. She was incredibly lucky in the upstairs department, you could loose your head amongst them. Lol

Then comes their face, I usually gravitate towards a heart shaped face, not for me the long chiselled face. I’m more of a Helen Bonham Carter facial type person.

So tell me, what attracts your attention?