Well Hung Over And Fucked

By | February 20, 2010

Well, fucked in the bank department. I have a new (second hand) car on the drive and a huge hole in my bank account. If I thought I was skint before I was sadly deluded, now I really do have no cash. Couldn’t be helped of course because the gearbox in my last one was about to grind itself into a pile of metal filings and it wasn’t worth repairing.

As for hung over, I most definitely am. I was really tired last night and although I did drink more wine than I usually do on a Friday night it was nowhere near enough to account for the intense hangover I had this morning. It’s been years since I felt that ill. It must have been the fatigue. At one point this morning I did doubt if I would be able to go and pick my new car up.

All sorted now though so I might just pop to bed for an afternoon snooze 🙂